Elin Hannah, born 1970 in Klepp, in south-west Norway Featured artist and a minimalist. Studio: Westcoast countryside, Klepp Contemporary minimalist art Painting Freestyle drawing Photography

THE ARTIST STATEMENT My work has a notable miminimalist, modern art expression to it. Mostly my work reflects images of the coastal nordic nature and landscape in Norway – and how it is to live here. The people who live here, the harshness seen in the nordic coastal nature in duality with crispy colors and soft horizon has always had, and still do have, great impact on me. In all it`s contrast these experiences are balanced and transferred by my rough and edgy eye of technique, to delicate and emotional esthetic art expression. My art reflects how my surroundings affect me and the habitat culture where I live. The learningjourney of basic artexpression started in 1986, Art class in upper secondary school, Sola, Norway. 

If you like my work, please feel free to contact me. All my work are orginale samples and up for sale.


Elin Hannah, July 2017. Westcoast, Norway

Contemporary artist, a minimalist and naturelover