My work has a miminimalist expression to it, and much of it`s visual images, paitings and photography, contains images of the coastal nordic landscape in Norway and my perceptions of living here. This is the landscape I grew up in, and have returned to. It’s minimalist nature, rough edges and stormy weather, the people, the natural crispy colors and soft horizon has always had, and still do have, great impact on me. In all it`s contrast my experiences are being transferred into visual art. With a rough technique, a minimalist expression appears and it creates further an expressive, yet calm and balanced image. My art tells a story about how my surroundings affect me, about nature and life experiences. The learningjourney of basic artexpression started in 1986, Art class in upper secondary school, Stavanger, Norway.

If you like my work, please feel free to contact me. All my work are orginal samles and up for sale.


Elin Hannah, July 2017. Westcoast, Norway

Contemporary artist, a minimalist and naturelover.