Elin Hannah, born 1970 in Klepp, in south-westcoast Norway
Contemporary artist and a minimalist.
Studio: Westcoast countryside, Klepp


Elin Hannah lives and works in the district of Jæren, where the sea meets the sky. The expansive surfaces of the artist’s paintings express in minimalist form the convergence between the natural coastal landscape where she grew up and where she has returened – and life its self.

Elin’s art is deeply rooted in her temperament, and her creative expression is directly connected to her emotional impressions. Where there are contrasts, balance and harmony is created – both in her life and on canvas. Although technique can be learned, genuine emotion must be experienced when to transfer into visual art. The character of her paintings is a result of who she fundamentally is.

In 2013, following a rigorous admission process, she became a jury-recommended member of NFUK, the Norwegian Association of Independent Artists. Elin’s motivation has always been the joy of expression and developing as an artist – nevertheless; this membership, which is awarded solely on artistic grounds, has provided further inspiration to reach her simple goals: to evoke, to inspire, and to complement the set enviroment through art.

Elin’s works feature delicate, minimaltistic forms painted with rough techniques. From absolute contrasts she draws a balance and equilibrium, producing thought-provoking harmonic landscapes. Stormy seas, meditative light on the horizon and dramatic, intense feelings convey, in an interplay with the title of the work, an atmosphere, a story or a journey of life.

Elin is constantly seeking to develop as an artist and a person. Her studies of TAO philosophy and the theory of Yin and Yang, and later also the great principle “Less is more” – are a key part of her inner journey. The emphasis on the immediate, intuitive experience permeates her works, while the philosophical objective of achieving a balanced existence, guides her in the creative process.
In 2014, Elin received the artist`s scholarship from the municipality of Klepp, to encourage her to continue to develop as an artist.

Guro Bommen, Oslo, Norway 2014


Awarded artist’s scholarship by Klepp municipality
Jury-recommended member of NFUK (Norwegian Association of Independent Artists)
Studied TAO philosophy and Yin and Yang theory at CBIATC Beijing, China/Oslo, Norway
Studied Zen`s principles
Certified Interiordesigner
Foundation Course in Photography, Stavanger, Norway
DDS-CAD Architecture. Tecnical drawer in Architecture, Stavanger, Norway
Art class in upper secondary school, Stavanger, Norway


International recognized artist. Affiliated and featured in Circle Foudation for the Arts. Selected and featured in the “Circle Quarterly Fall Magazine October 2017. Featured artist in The World of Interior Magazine, May 2017
“Elin Hannah is a Norwegian artist whose art is inspired by the contrasts in both nature and life.
Based in Westcoast countryside, her large paintings are a marriage of contrasts, and her works are recognised as calming yet vibrant, minimalistic yet expressive and beautifully emotive.”
WOI Artistic Impressions 2017

Affiliated artist at Circle Foundation for the Arts, Fall 2017

The World of Interiors, May 2017

Featured artist at Saatchi Art Gallery

Awarded artist scholarship by Klepp municipality

Jury-recommended member of NFUK (Norwegian Association of Independent Artists)

The artist of the winter 2013 at Thrane Gaard Gallery, Norway


2018: 1 of 100 selected among 1027 artists, for an Honorable Mention Award at CFA – for high aesthetic, technical and creative standard of art work, 2018

2017: Affiliated member of Circle Foundation of the Arts

2017: Selected and featured artist in the Quarterly Magazine of Circle Foundation of the Arts. Fall issue

2016: Featured artist at Saatchi Art Gallery
2016: Separate exhibition Klepp town hall (May 19th – June 12th)
2015: Exhibitor at Jærmessen (28–30 August)
2015: Awarded artist scholarship by Klepp municipality
2014: Separate exhibition, paintings and photographs, Helsehuset Viben Bryne (June)
2014: Collective exhibition, Kunstpassasjen, Jernbanetorget, Oslo (May–July)
2014: Separate exhibition, paintings, Ogna scene (February–April)
2013: Portrait photographer for the CD cover. Norwegian folksinger Randi Engelsvold
2013–2014: Mentor and teatcher in photographic art at Akademiet High School, Sandnes
2013: Jury-recommended member of NFUK (Norwegian Association of Independent Artists)
2013: Main exhibitor and “Winter-artist” at Thrane Gaard Galleri, Sandnes (January–April)
2012: Portrait photograph for the book Stavanger-Rocken by the author Sven-Arnth Helland
2012: Autumn exhibition at Klepp Rådhus, Klepp (November)
2003–2008: Exhibition and collaboration with X-IA gallery and studio, Sandnes
2006: Exhibition at Brynesenteret, Bryne (March–June)